Need An Attorney In Jackson County?

In any situation involving the law, navigating the sometimes long and convoluted legal process can be a nightmare. There may be hurdles to jump through, forms to fill out and deadlines to meet. You may be able to struggle through it, but in some cases, you may not know where to even begin.

Whether you are struggling through a custody battle or facing assault charges, having a lawyer on your side will make the legal process smooth and easy to understand, and you can be sure that everything is done correctly.

As a general practice firm, Cervantez & Mayberry in Marion, Illinois, offers services in a variety of practice areas, including:

  • Criminal defense
  • Family law
  • Personal injury
  • Business law
  • Municipal law

Whether you are going through a divorce, accused of drunk driving or looking for assistance with real estate transactions, the lawyers at Cervantez & Mayberry can advocate for you.

On Your Side

The Jackson County attorneys at Cervantez & Mayberry, Joseph A. Cervantez and Brandon C. Mayberry, value their clients and their time. Above all, they value responsiveness and rapport with their clients. Cervantez & Mayberry will communicate with you at every step and help you understand exactly what is happening as your case progresses. They are always available to answer questions and are quick to respond to any inquiries.

No matter what services you need from Cervantez & Mayberry, they are ready to advocate for you in any way they can. Whether your case calls for aggressiveness in the courtroom, calm counseling in their offices or a level yet firm hand in negotiations and plea agreements, Cervantez & Mayberry will represent you with fairness and dignity.

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For an initial consultation regarding your criminal defense, divorce or other general practice case, contact Cervantez & Mayberry at 618-364-8756. You can also contact the firm through email.

Cervantez & Mayberry in Marion, Illinois, serves clients throughout Williamson County and surrounding areas.